Chiswick Lofts have been carrying out hip-to-gable roof extensions since the 1980s. We have increased living space in many of Chiswick’s Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian homes that have hip roofs.

Our success stories include numerous hip-to-gable attic expansions on; detached homes, semis and end terraces. These homes have extra rooms and gained a lot more living space due to our high quality hip-to-gable refurbishment work.

We have also given many Chiswick bungalows a first floor.

A hip-to-gable attic extension is the solution for Chiswick homes that have difficult to convert roofs.

Top Reasons For Choosing A Hip-To-Gable Attic Extension

  • Solution for properties with difficult roofs
  • Perfect match for any property
  • Extra space for Bungalows and chalets
  • Enables a seamless staircase

Increases The Value Of A Chiswick Home By Around 20%

Why A Hip-To-Gable Roof Expansion Is Perfect For Chiswick Homes

Preserving Chiswick’s unique charm for future generations is a priority for us. We know it’s not necessary to sacrifice Chiswick’s skyline in order to give you extra space in your home.

Our roof refurbishments are at home amongst Chiswick’s historical pubs and listed buildings.

We aim to give you a great new view from your home extension. We ensure your roof refurbishment is pleasing to the eye.

What’s A Hip-To-Gable Roof Refurbishment?

Chiswick homes often have what are called hip roofs. A hip roof is a roof with three sides that slant down. Each of these slanted surfaces is a hip.

Hip roofs are considered difficult to expand. Chiswick Lofts have carried out hundreds of refurbishments on difficult roofs. We enjoy overcoming the challenges posed by hip roofs.

We transform one of a hip roofs slanted sides into a wall. This type of wall is commonly known as a gable. By replacing a hip with a wall, a substantial amount of new space is created. It is also possible to transform more than one hip to a gable.

Most Hip-To-Gable Roof Refurbishments Do Not Require Planning Permission

What Chiswick Homeowners Do With Their Hip-To-Gable Extensions

  • Spacious ensuite bedroom
  • Spa-type bathroom
  • Home office
  • Extra lounge
  • bedsit

A hip-to-gable makes it feasible to replace your attic with a studio flat. The potential rental income is around £15,000 per year.

Why We Recommend A Hip-To-Gable

No matter how spacious you Chiswick home is, a growing family will fill it. Kids are staying at home longer and maybe you will have to accommodate aging parents too.

Detached houses, Edwardian semis and Victorian terraced homes can be made bigger through a hip-to-gable extension. You gain the extra space your family needs without giving up your garden.

We can construct double hip-to-gable extensions on most detached homes giving you double the space.

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